ROOFtop bees

Let’s get to know what is happening inside the hive
and be involved in our bee life watching AI projects.

By joining our project you will get involved in sustainable project that makes difference! You will support our research in this fragile bee ecosystem. You will reveal many hidden secrets of this treasure species. You will get to know why they are so important pollinators and why they play such important rule in agriculture. You will also find out why we are trying to eliminate their rapid mortality.

We placed our ProBee sensors inside bee hives. This hardware enables us to monitor acoustic signals, weight, temperature and all in live video streams. Collected data are being analyzed by our programmers which enables beekeepers to receive up to dated pictures and predictive analyzes about their bee lives.

Installed sensors
Bee hives

By joining our project you become a member of our nature friendly & sustainable community which main motto is to make positive impact on animal life in the city. You will also support environmental research in this fragile bee ecosystem. 

By laboratory tested samples of bee honey you will confirm no negative evidence of carbon footprint and pollution in the area of your location. Quality of the pollen, wax or honey recognizes vitality of your bees. You will see if values of pollution shown in the honey exceed EU Regulations of maximum levels in foodstuffs.

We offer professional care of your own rooftop bees. A seasonal packages of honey directly from your building as a present for your employees or clients. Our program will allow you to participate in national wide research project focused on bees, bee sustainability and ecosystem. You will be able to compensate carbon footprint of your building and gain added value to your environmental practices for green audit.  Join our bee community based on latest AI technologies. Be first to find out! If you are interested to know more about live of roof top bees and our project send us e-mail.